Miyajima Water Fireworks Display

  As waves resonate with the flow of time, Miyajima's flamboyance this night will fill our hearts with wonder and joy.

Bits of knowledge about the Fireworks on Miyajima

Miyajima Water Fireworks Display   Miyajima-on-the-sea-Fireworks Display presents seven spectacular scenes, complying with each year's theme.
  The fireworks dispaly is set up to match the image for each scene, which is centered on the fascinating pyrotechnics on the water.
  Over 300,000 visitors enjoy the fireworks show every year. The scene with the Ororii Gate silhouetted by the illumination of the fireworks attracts thousands of photo enthusiasts.
  Miyajima-on-the-Sea Fireworks Display is on of the most famous in Japan.

Date August 11, 2013 (Sun)
19:40 - 20:40
Location off shore from the Otorii Gate
Information Miyajima Tourist Association
TEL : 0829-44-2011

Event(June - December)