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Repair work of O-tori gate(updated in 2022. 5th Oct) 2022/10/6

The last repairment was in 1875, the gate has been withstanding over 140 years its

damage and deterioration. Since 2019, June 7th, they have been working its repairment. It was hard to estimate the term of works for a long time. The other day, there was an announcement from Itsukushima Shrine. “We expect the construction scaffolding will be removed within this year, 2022.” At least next year, you will able to see the whole view of O-tori gate. Specific day is not determined for now. As soon as we will find out the date, we will announce it.

The removal work started on October 1st. (updated in 2022. 5th Oct)

*We will update our information as needed

>>Click here for a video about Otorii repair work

>>Click here for photos of Otorii repair work 2022.5,Oct (Wed)