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Various regulations when G7 leaders and others visit Miyajima at the G7 Hiroshima Summit. 2023/5/16

・In Hiroshima Prefecture, from May 18th (Thursday) to May 22nd (Monday) , it is expected that large-scale traffic restrictions will be implemented and public transportation will be suspended or delayed.

・In the event that the leaders and their associates visit Miyajima, tourists can not enter Miyajima from 12:00 on May 18th (Thursday) to 14:00 on May 20th (Saturday).

For more information, please refer to the link below. (G7 Hiroshima Summit Promotion Office)

We are on Instagram and Twitter! 2021/9/21

We’ve just set up Instagram and Twitter accounts to send you daily scenes and fresh information at Miyajima!
These accounts are for international users.Please check it out!



[Started on 17,June,2019] About the repair works of O-torii Gate 2019/7/11

Repair works on Miyajima’s O-torii gate started on June 17, 2019. During the repair works, O-torii gate is covered up by scaffolding.Furthermore, a bridge is being built on the left side of the gate (when viewed from the shrine) to aid the repair works. A date for the completion of the repair works has not been set yet, but the works are expected to take at least one year.

>>Please click here for details.


Current situation(14th September 2019)