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Kiyomori Festival

Kiyomori Festival

In remembrance of the reverential virtue of Kiyomori Taira who built the foundation of the prosperity of Miyajima, the Kiyomori festival in the motif of "Itsukushima Shrine prayer parade of the Heike family" will be held again this year!
Join us to boost the mood of this festival! The details are as follows.

Kiyomori Festival on 21 March 2022 has been cancelled to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
We appreciate your understanding.

Date ⁄ time from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m., Sunday, late March(Sun)
Place Square in front of Miyajima pier → Omotesando Shopping Arcade → Mikasahama beach → Itsukushima Shrine → Kiyomori Shrine
Participants pass through from Miyajima pier via Itsukushima Shrine worship to Kiyomori Shrine on parade in costume such as the Heian picture scroll.
Contents Children's parade, brass band, and baton march are finished at Itsukushima shrine.
Children's parade (around 100 children) - Brass band - Baton twirling - Warriors - Kocho - Shirabyoshi - Karyobin - Priests - Biwa hoshi - Shinto priests - Wagons (Kiyomori compulsory labors / Uchikisugata) - Retainers

  • Children parade
  • Warriors