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Year Date Event
593 Nov 12 Itsukushima Shrine is said to have been founded.
806   A temple is said to have been founded in Mt. Misen on Itsukushima (Miyajima) Island by Buddhist priest Kukai (Kobo Daishi), who had returned from China and was on his way to Kyoto.
1146 Feb Taira-no-Kiyomori was appointed the governor of Aki Province.
1167 Feb 11 Taira-no-Kiyomori was appointed the Prime Minister.
1168 Nov A large shrine building similar to the one we have today was constructed owning to the patronage of Itsukushima Shrine by the Taira clan and the efforts of the Head Priest of Itsukushima Shrine, Saeki Kagehiro was responsible for the job.
He also became Provincial Governor of Aki Province.
1176 Oct 14 The Heike clan held a 1,000 monks mass at Itsukushima shrine.
1180 Mar 26 Retired emperor Takakura-Joko visited the shrine.
1207 Jul 3 Itsukushima Shrine was destroyed by fire.
1223 Dec 2 Itsukushima Shrine was destroyed by fire.
1278 Autumn Priest Ippen visited the shrine.
1325 Jun 25 The O-torii Gate was destroyed by a typhoon.
1371 Apr The O-torii Gate was reconstructed.
1389 Mar 11 Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu visited the shrine.
1407 Jul The Five-storied Pagoda was erected.
1441 Nov 9 Araebisu shirine was erected.
1523 Jun Tahoto Pagoda was erected.
Jul 11 Omoto shirine was erected.
1541 Apr 18 Ouchi Yoshitaka visited Itsukushima Shrine.
1555 Sep 16 Sue Harutaka built a fortress on To-no-oka (Pagoda Hill) and besieged Mori's troops at Miyao Castle.
Oct 1 Mori Motonari assaulted To-no-oka and defeated Sue Harutaka. Harutaka committed suicide at Oenoura, a small inlet on Itsukushima.
1556 Apr Mori Takamoto constructed Tenjin Shrine (Important Cultural Property).
Jun 18 Mori Motonari changed the planking of the corridors of Itsukushima Shrine.
1569 Oct Mori Motonari and others visited Itsukushima Shrine.
1571 Dec 27 Mori Motonari renovated the main hall of Itsukushima shrine.
1580 Mar Tanamori Fusaaki wrote Tanamori Fusaaki Oboegaki.
1587 Feb Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered Ekei, the Head Priest of Ankokuji Temple to build Senjokaku (Thousand Mat Hall of Hokoku Shrine (Important Cultural Property)).
1592 Apr General Toyotomi Hideyoshi visited Itsukushima Shrine.
1635 The Hiroshima Domain established the magistrate office in Miyajima.
1643 A confucian scholar Hayashi Shunsai wrote "Nihon Kokujisekikou".
1715 A Buddhist monk, Joshin and other monks selected "Itsukushima Hakkei". (The top 8 Scenic Views of Itsukushima)
1717 Jul 2 The O-torii Gate collapsed.
1739 The O-torii Gate was reconstructed.
1836   The "Itsukushima Zu-e" (pictures of famous sites on Itsukushima) was published.
1850 Aug 7 Itsukushima shrine and its O-torii Gate were destroyed by a typhoon.
1868 Mar 28 The Decree of the Separation of Buddhism and Shintoism was issued.
1875 Jul 18 The O-torii Gate was reconstructed.
1889 Apr Itsukushima-cho (Itsukushima Town) was established.
1897 Dec 28 The Heike Nokyo (the 33 illuminated sutra scrolls donated by the Taira clan) was designated as a National Treasure.
1906 Nov 24 The hiking trail on Mt. Misen was completely refurbished due to the donation by Ito Hirofumi.
1917 Jul 29 Miyajima Hotel, designed by Jan Letzel, was constructed in Omoto Park.
1923 Mar 7 The entire island of Itsukushima received designation as a historical spot and place of scenic beauty.
1934 Apr 7 Treasure hall was constructed.
1945 Itsukushima shrine was severely damaged by a typhoon.
1950 May The entire Itsukushima Island was designated as Setonaikai National Park.
May 30 The Cultural Property Preservation Law stated all the National treasures of Miyajima were designated as Important Cultural Property.
Sep 13 Itsukushima shrine was damaged by a typhoon.
Nov 3 The name, Itsukushima cho, was changed to Miyajima cho.
1952 Nov 22 The entire Itsukushima Island was designated as a special historical spot and site of scenic beauty.
1954 Mar 20 Kiyomori Shrine was established.
1959 Apr 1 Miyajima Ropeway began operating.
May 22 Miyajima Aquarium opened.
1980 Apr Miyajima Traditional Crafts Center opened.
1991 Sep 27 Itsukushima Shrine was severely damaged due to Typhoon No.19.
1995 Oct Itsukushima Shrine celebrated Gochinza-sai, the 1400 anniversary of its establishment.
1996 Dec Itsukushima Shrine was registered as a World Cultural Heritage
1997 Apr 25 O-shakushi (the world bigger wooden rice scoop) was placed on display on the Omotesando Shopping Arcade.
Sep 24 Itsukushima Shrine was damaged by a typhoon.
1999 Out 7 "The Three Most Scenic Spot of Japan" monument was erected.
2000 Nov "The World Cultural Heritage" monument was erected.
2004 Itsukushima Shrine was severely damaged by a typhoon.
2005 Nov 3 Miyajima town was merged into the city of Hatsukaichi.